Ready to Sell Your Business's Assets?

Ready to Sell Your Business's Assets?

Let an attorney of Keenan Legal Group PLLC create your asset purchase agreement in Grand Rapids, MI

If you're selling any business assets, you'll want a business litigation attorney by your side. Keenan Legal Group PLLC in Grand Rapids, MI can help you create a detailed agreement that covers what you're selling, your price, warranties, sale requirements and any other necessary information.

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What does an asset purchase agreement do?

When you're selling any of your business assets, you'll want to create a detailed purchasing agreement. You'll use this agreement to:

  • Set your selling price in stone
  • Establish stipulations for purchasing
  • Determine which assets you're selling

While mergers typically involve the complete sale of a business, an asset purchase agreement lets you sell specific business assets while retaining others. A business litigation attorney can help you create an agreement that eliminates loopholes and confusing terminology. Email us today if you need an attorney.