An Estate Plan Frees Your Loved Ones From Making Tough Decisions

An Estate Plan Frees Your Loved Ones From Making Tough Decisions

Start creating your estate plan with a wills and trusts attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

Most of our estate planning clients reach out to us at times of change in their life. They've gotten married, or divorced; they've had kids, or sometimes grandkids; they've recently moved to Michigan; they're thinking about retirement; they discover an issue in their family's medical history that may affect them; or they simply feel it's time to get their affairs in order. Whatever the circumstances are that prompted you to begin thinking about setting up your estate plan, we can help.

Your loved ones will likely be responsible for your handling your estate after you've passed away. Detailing your wishes through an estate plan can alleviate some of their stress. At The Keenan Legal Group, we will review your specific circumstances to determine what makes the most sense for you or your family regarding a plan for your estate. Once we've reviewed the information and learned more about what you would like to do, we can prepare the necessary documents including...

  • Setting up trusts
  • Preparing your Will
  • Preparing General Durable Power of Attorney appointments
  • Preparing Medical Power of Attorney authorizations
  • Assisting with the appointment of a Guardian or Conservator

We also assist families with the administration of the estate of a recently lost loved one in Probate Court proceedings.

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Estate Planning Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

It's time to set up your legacy

If you haven't created a will yet, you need to speak with a wills and trusts attorney right away. Your loved ones will be glad you did.

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