Get the Legal Support You Need in Grand Rapids, MI

Get the Legal Support You Need in Grand Rapids, MI

Consult a top-notch general practice attorney

Attorney Kevin Keenan has been in practice since 2008 and has handled matters in many areas of law. Do you have a legal question that you need answered? Then you've come to the right general practice law firm in Grand Rapids, MI.

Employment Law Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

The Keenan Legal Group can help you as a business owner or as an employee. We have experience with many employer/employee related subjects including:

  • Preparing Employee Handbooks
  • Severance packages
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Civil Rights law
  • Wage and Benefits law
  • Unemployment Benefits claims

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

Are you being investigated for a crime, or are you facing charges in criminal court? If so, turn to our firm for effective criminal defense representation. We've worked with many clients over the years to bring effective defense strategies for charges including drunk driving, driving while their license is suspended, retail fraud, and many other similar charges. Being charged with a crime can be a very confusing time. Contact our firm early on so we can guide you through the process and work to protect your rights.

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Driver's License Appeals and Driving Privileges Restoration

We understand that losing your driving privileges can prevent you from being independent or providing for your loved ones. We have over ten years of experience guiding our clients through the administrative appeal process with the Secretary of State's hearings division. We will work with you to gather the proper support documents and prepare for your hearing testimony in order to give you the best chance possible to get your driving privileges reinstated.

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